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  2. VideoPad Interface Themes

    See this thread please.
  3. VideoPad Interface Themes

    It's my understanding you need to uninstall and then re-install the software. It has some weird 50% chance to choose a between the light and dark themes, so bizarre. I hope they just add it as a selectable option within the software. I'm on the other side, I like the dark theme.
  4. VideoPad Interface Themes

    I see the dark/charcoal interface changes have been implemented. Unfortunately this makes the product unreadable for me. How can we switch this back to the white background and make this usable again? I've looked but I don't see any theme related configurations.
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  6. YouTube Export Option Not Working

    I've been using the YouTube export option for all of my videos with success. However, today after it renders the video and moves on to the step of connecting to YouTube to upload, it just hands and then states it failed, losing the entire rendered video and forcing me to re-render. After 3 failed attempts, I'm back to converting the video and manually uploading it (no big deal). I'm curious if anyone else is running into this issue and may have a fix? Thanks! EDIT: I'm running Videopad v6
  7. BAT file on covert always asks for confirmation

    So no answer?
  8. Behringer UMC 404HD

    Hi, For that configuration and device, we suggest to use MixPad instead, you can download the trial or free/limited version from the product site, click on the link below → http://www.nch.com.au/mixpad/index.html Regards,
  9. Area calculation

    Hi ChuckB, The only way to do this, is by changing the view to 2D from the right menu bar, this allows to measure the area. Regards,
  10. Hello. I have a problem. I am usually using the Reaper program to record my voice. The problem is i can only record it, when i have the Voxal opened, but I want to record my voice only when I'm using Reaper without Voxal opened. I don't want to uninstall voxal, because i want to use it in certain things like trolling friends etc. Can you help me?
  11. Tracking is off

    Refunds can be requested at http://www.nch.com.au/general/refund.html

    Please open a support ticket at http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html. You'll need to provide specific details with your ticket.
  13. Behringer UMC 404HD

    I am having an issue with my gear. I have a behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD. This device has 4 inputs and I can only get Wavepad to recognize 2 of them. In mono it only recognizes channel 1 and in Stereo it recognizes channels 1 and 2 but not 3 and 4. How do I set up Wavepad to accept more than 2 channels at a time? I am thinking about purchasing the product but I won't if it cannot accept more than two channels at a time.
  14. Web access

    am having the same issue, please anyone there can help us ?

    Please am trying to add and remove people from my express invoice but am having a trouble. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE THIS PROBLEM Thank you
  16. Area calculation

    Thanks for the response but the answer doesn't address the question. My question was "Does the program calculate area?" For example, if I draw a 20' x 30' room, will the program tell me that room contains 600 square feet?
  17. Tracking is off

    I am having the same issues with the tracks not corresponding with the original files, it is imperative that the tracks remain in order. I have renamed the original files AND numbered them to no avail. Very disappointed in this program, fifty bucks is a lot of money to pay for something that does not work. Can anyone tell me how to ask for a refund?
  18. Hi i having this problem if anyone could help, My Item in inventoria : 45 2.5/8 X 3.1/2 X 3/8 Please take a look that we have space after each words, But when i type in Inventoria 2.5/8 X 3.1/2 nothings shows up. Even if i put 45 2. nothings shows up to. Tried " " and * and etc but nothing works, any solutions? Thank you.
  19. Last week
  20. How do I change paper size in Pixillion (?Page setup)

    Hello, To change the paper size in Pixillion, add your JPG images, select PDF as output format and set them to be combined. Click "Encoder Settings" to set the paper size and other alignment settings. A description of those options can be found in the user's manual at help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/pixillion/win/imageencodesettings_pdf.html If you keep having issues, please enter a detailed support ticket at http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html Make sure to include your registration code and all the files you're using.
  21. Install Previous Version 3.1

    Thank you, this is exactly what i need.
  22. Install Previous Version 3.1

    Version 3.1 is a Mac version. If you're looking version 3.01 (which would be the right version based on your date of purchase), then it should be available at http://www.oldversiondownload.com/oldversions/debut-3-01-2016-04-07.exe
  23. Install Previous Version 3.1

    Where to get link to install Debut Video Capture version 3.1 for windows ?
  24. I merged individual jpg illustration files with the help of Pixillion into PDF and then combined them into a single (book) file. I now find that the paper size has changed and all illustrations are outside the page margins. Is there any way to set page size in Pixillion?
  25. Lower window timeline cursor not moving

    That's how it works here. After a PAUSE, the timeline cursor picks up from where it left off. Click the VIEW menu on the toolbar, then Restore Default Layout, and see if that helps. If not, try reinstalling the program or test the latest version.
  26. I think I messed something up. I have a "sequence preview" which shows in the inset window up top. I can proof the drop-ins where I place my text. I *used* to be able to see the preview in the LOWER window which was WAY easier. The cursor would move along in the lower window and I'd just pause it, drop in a block of text and resume. Now, I pause it in the upper window, find the cursor in the upper window and then find it in the lower window. Drop the text in the lower window and then go back up to the upper window to make sure I did it right. How do I get the LOWER window to be the Sequence Preview with a moving cursor? With love Erik
  27. My year to date income statement and balance sheet will only reflect December entries. I can view all journal entries for the entire year, but when I request an income statement (year to date) it only shows December journal entries. If I request and income statement for any month earlier than Dec, I get the "no info available" error. Also. when I request the Balance Sheet, it only reflects December activity. I tried updating to the latest version, imported a backup. All journals show up, but still get the same results. What's up?
  28. CPU Utilization on iMac

    Hello, Express Burn doesn't have settings to control its performance. NCH Software formally takes suggestions or feedback about our products through the form at http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/
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