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  3. Unsmooth between Video Clips

    This is the same issue as in this post. We've fixed the issue and making a new release.
  4. Could you please post the link to the video here? Which VideoPad version are you using?
  5. After finishing my project in VP and exporting to my desired video format, I upload the file to youtube/facebook video. The video works fine, however the sound keeps clipping in and out throughout the whole video! They are very brief cut outs of the audio as well, so its not like the audio cuts out completely for an extended period of time, however, its very annoying. The audio plays just fine while previewing in VideoPad so I'm a bit confused. Please help
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  7. Invoice CSV Import Says Success but ...

    oops -- my mistake. I guess it imported them as 'draft'.
  8. I have not had any luck with the CSV import (invoice) feature. I choose my CSV file, then match the headers with the fields in Express Invoice and import. It says 34 successes 2 failures. (The two failures are because of a blank line and a total row. This is fine.) But, when I return to the invoice list, there is nothing there! The period is set to "ALL". The help documentation is pretty sparse when it comes to the import process in general. Any ideas?
  9. Printing of invoices

    Good day. I just bought a receipt printer to use with copper but my receipt is not printing!!! Only the last line is printed I have used both Mac and Windows (same issues) Please assist. Thanks
  10. Burn DVD so Auto repeats

    Hi, What you can do is add the same sequence of clips over and over again on the same project, so it repeats or appear as a loop when playing the DVD. In case you are referring to a project that you wish to burn many times on different DVD´s, all you have to do is save the project file from PhotoStage File menu _Save Project file As...and reuse it for burning. Best regards,
  11. Preview buffers even on 360p on powerful computer

    That is fantastic news! Looking forward for the update!
  12. I wonder whether statements would work for you. You can create an invoice for each date but don't send them to the client. When you want your client to pay like at the end of the month, send them a statement. A statement would have the dates of each invoice, but you wouldn't be able to include descriptions. You can access statements on the Customers list.
  13. Hardware requirements

    I have the same "Building Preview" problem editing MP4 H.264 Clips on both PC (i7 Quad Core 16GB RAM nVidia Quandro GPU) and on MacBook Pro (i7 16GB RAM AMV Radeon HD 6770M 1024 MB). Even waiting for teh Cache to be generated the problem happens too often passing from one Clip to the Next. W/WO Transitions or Effects. The fact that the product is build 32Bit could be one of the reasons. Nowadays it should be better to have it 64bit compiled since all the modern PC (even low level ones) are 64Bit. I notice that the amount of memory used while working is not that much (400/500 MB RAM used by the process). Probably the Clip Cash on Disk is one of the bottleneck for smooth transaction between clips. When a huge amount of RAM is available probably should be better of have the Clip Cash on RAM. Please let me know your suggestion how to better smoothly work. Many thanks.
  14. Unsmooth between Video Clips

    Thanks for the info. I found that on MAC, I have the Preferences/Export Use External H264 Video Compressor Flag. On PC (I have bought both versions of VideoPad), this flag in Tool/Options is not available. Is it correct? Next Question is about unsmooth Rendering. Even if my PC is an i7 Quad Core with 16GB RAM, the Rendering on complex Sequence is not smooth. I'm working on a Video for a Song (with my Band we are near close to complete our of Concept Album), It contains many Clips (Most of them bought on VideoStock.com in MP4 H.264 Format 16:9 1080p. On top of those Clips I have of course Effects on some Clips and Transitions between them. I can accept that the Preview is not smooth and some calculation need to be done passing from one Clip to the Next. But on Rendering I expect to have a perfectly smooth Output and perfectly sync with Audio Track. It was OK till two days ago, when I added more Clips at the end, some Effect and Transitions. Now it is no more smooth. Do you think that the setting Software Rendering instead of OpenGL Rendering can produce any positive effect on this problem? Any suggestion is welcome. Please let me know. Many thanks.
  15. rozmazz

    Hi Is there any visual evidence that the beep is on the soundtrack? i.e. is a peak is visible? If so split the audio track just before it and mute or delete the section isolated. You can then alter your audio fade suitably. If you think that isn't working then you could delete or mute the offending section a replace it with a copy of a more suitable audio clip or add this to Audio track 2 with a tiny overlap so it blends in. Nat
  16. How to see net sales product?

    Agree, would be very interesting to see profit per sales. I think Express Accounts needs an UPDATE, seeing comments and problems from users, its asking for an update. It will also be good for the program itself, people will find it more useful every time it is being tuned and at the end will be better for all. We should all keep asking for this update. I also have an issue but no response. On the sales menu we see Amount, Due and status. On the Amount we see invoice total, on the Due, we see the remaining balance and status, is there are partial payments this is fantastic. But in purchases we only see the invoice total amount and not reflecting partial payments like in sales menu. So if we have partial payments to suppliers, we must be careful not to forget what we paid already, because it keeps on showing the total invoice amount, it should be (invoice - partial_payments) = true balance due
  17. Burn DVD so Auto repeats

    Hi, Is there a way to burn the DVD so that it automatically repeats? Thanks, Olivia
  18. Preview buffers even on 360p on powerful computer

    A new release is coming soon which will has this problem fixed.
  19. rozmazz

    Tough to diagnose from afar. If the project is a small one please click FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT and upload the results to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like. Make the file public and link it here. Someone will check it out.
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  21. rozmazz

    Using Video Pad Professional.: I get a beep sound at the end of my sound track on my video, even though I have softened the volume to fade out to no sound at all. Any advice?
  22. Express Invoice is not designed to add, remove or change the invoice columns, you can just edit the header's text, but that won't change the type of data you're entering. We recommend using the Comments section at the bottom left of the invoice edition text field. NCH Software formally takes suggestions or feedback about our products through the form at http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/
  23. Can anyone advise how to record unallocated funds as a liability. I have customer/members who often make advance contributions by paying up front and building up a sum of funds of a period of time. These funds are not my Clubs funds and should be recorded as a liability. There is no invoice(s) in existence for these to payments to be applied to. These payments all currently go to accounts payable. How would I go about changing this or isn't EA capable of doing this? I can't issue a credit note for an item that does not exist yet.
  24. Preview buffers even on 360p on powerful computer

    I just want to sign this statement. It happens for me all the time as well. I've spent $60 on a software, and the developers should put all their effort in improving the preview video. It has never been an issue when I used Adobe Premiere Elements, which is somewhat comparable to VideoPad in many aspects.
  25. Couldn't you just enter onto the invoice your item by its item number which will display the description & price. Double click on the text in the description and this will allow you add free text eg your date. So you could then have multiple items of the same item number and cost but with dates alongside them. Hope that helps
  26. Soundtap does not record with Windows 8 and 10

    Hello, The issue you are reporting here could be a driver mismatch that is causing this issues, what you may want to try is to reinstall the audio driver on your computer, To do that you may want to contact the computers manufacturer and check for the latest audio driver for her computer model. Also, test if the issue happens when you try to record the stream from the same source?
  27. Unfortunately Express Invoice does not offer this option. We have another program that´s called Express Accounts that can do this. Please download the free version from this link: http://www.nchsoftware.com/accounting/easetupfree.exe
  28. Is it possible to get foldback while recording vocals?

    Hello Tim, Yes, even with the latest version you need ASIO drivers to be able to use the Monitor feature, they handle better latency issues and should allow you to record and playback at the same time.
  29. Help needed, please. I am a small sporting group organiser. I am trying to work out the following scenario for entry. The Club uses a facility for sports practice and our individual members may also book/use the facility for their personal use. The facility manager requires that it be done through us and that we collect the hire fees and pay by bank transfer to them. So, all is going through our books as well as theirs. I need to be able to record the debt to the facility, as well as the payment to us by the user to pay to the facility and the payment to the facility. I have created an item for "Individual Facility Hire" to distinguish this apart from our Club use (if I need to use that for invoicing). I have categories in my chart of accounts for "Facility Hire by Individuals" under Income and another under Liabilities. Should that be under expenses? How do I go about recording the process? This is what I thought, I am assuming I must first create an account payable by the Club to the supplier (the Facility). When the individual hirer pays to our account I record their payment but don't allocate it as their is no invoice from us. How do I link their payment to the purchase from the supplier? Obviously the unallocated payment needs to be applied to something (being an invoice from us) Is it simply a matter of us creating an invoice for the hire and recording that payment from the user, then paying the facility and recording that expense. Thanks.
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