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  2. Visit this page, explain the situation and include your old address. https://www.nch.com.au/support/regcontact.html There should also be a CHAT prompt where help may be available. After the licensing issue is solved, try this version. You might even test it now. Have you downloaded the completed project from the above link?
  3. I use Crescendo to make tab charts for the guitar placing #s on staff and chords above. There are certain chords I use often like C, G, F, Am, D/F#, D, Cadd 9. Is there a way to group these in the Fretboard listing so I don't have to scroll through to find them? Also, in terms of listing, why does the G chords show up in the middle of the B section? Why doesn't it come after F? Thank you.
  4. It's asking for a security key... What do I do? I bought the upgrade to the one that had the sound issues but it didn't give me a separate key and I can't access the original one. So I clicked the trial version lite and this has no sound. I'm just going to reinstall the 7point whatever version because at least this one worked but I need a security key.
  5. Folks in this forum are very responsive, as seen above. As Nat verified, the project plays just fine, after making the balance slider centering adjustment. So you should see and hear the same result. If not, let us know. Please list the specs for your PC: CPU/GPU/RAM and free space on C/ For a short while, here is the 1080p export with flash frames corrected and full audio. Click DOWNLOAD to save it to your PC.
  6. Hi, I had to reinstall an older version of Video pad but don't have the recovery key. The email I used was an email that I no longer have access to and now I can't export my videos because it says that my version is only a trial version. My issue is that my original file registration details are located on an email server that I no longer have access to. I've tried posting in these forums before but no one has answered any of my queries. Hoping I get some joy here Wendy ps the slider is in the middle on my file
  7. https://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/kb/1409.html What version of Videopad is in use? Try this one, with the caveat: updates are free for paid users up to six months from purchase date. After that, VP will continue to fully function but a fee will be required in order to register the newest. Retain your old install file and registration info. Is the intermediate step truly necessary? https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/57407?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en You should be able to export in Videopad to the PC in a YT accepted format, then use their uploader. In attempting a direct YT upload from VP, be sure to give permission for VP to access your Google account.
  8. I am a pastor of a small church and COVID-19 has forced us to depend wholly on online communications. I have had good experiences putting the worship service together in VideoPad. My difficulty is that when I attempt to upload the video to YouTube, I get a fail message stating that I need to create a YouTube channel. That's not correct - I have a YouTube channel. In order to get the videos to YouTube, I have to move them from VideoPad to an intermediate location such as GoogleDrive and then over to YouTube. That process is very very slow for me. The initial upload from VideoPad to the intermediate program usually takes about an hour and then it's another 30 - 45 minutes to upload the video from there to YouTube. Yep, slow connection here in the wilderness of north central Missouri. How can I get VideoPad to recognize that I do indeed have a YouTube channel and that's where I'm trying to upload videos to? Thanks so much for your help! KarenS123
  9. Hi Something not right. This is what I do.. Plug in the USB drive. This is Drive E (depending on the actual USB socket used) Create a folder on the E drive called VP TEMP CACHE FOLDER Open VP and go to Options/Disk Clear all unused cache files.This leaves the C Drive cache empty. Under Cache.....Cache folder (which currently contains C:\Users\Nat\Desktop/VideoPadCache) Click Browse and navigate to the E drive and then click on the VP TEMP CACHE FOLDER. This opens with nothing in it. Click the Select a folder button. You are in effect just selecting the empty folder in this case) Check the content changes in the box and then click OK........ This is followed by the message window. Click OK Close VP Open Video Pad Check the Options/Disk box. This should NOT have changed it should still shows the above Drive and folder there. Load a clip to VP and drop it on the timeline. Open Drive E:/VP TEMP CACHE FOLDER This now contains VideoPadCache Open this folder. It should contains three files produced by the project Note that I have not deleted the original cache file that I had on the C drive. As a check open this. It remains empty. No files were saved here. As a further check, verify that Options/Disk still shows the E drive cache folder as the destination folder Until I change the contents of the Cache:Cache Folder box it will remain pointed to the E drive. If yours is not doing this then there is a fault. You might try to .... Close VP and simply double click your original vpsetup.exe program. This re-installs VP over your existing program. You may not think this would alter anything but it fact it often loads an alternative variant of VP of which 2 or three exist within the exe file. It's pot luck which one might come up but it is possible that one of the A/B/C test variants will allow the changing of the cache location.I can't be sure of this but worth trying. Nat
  10. yes we can fumble with the track sliding it back and forth all day till it finally lines up but theres a better way some how, i had another recording studio software that did the same thing now my new one is doing it, and i dont remember how to make them sync without placing it after to line up with the beat, even my older software I was able to figure it out by clicking on something and I don't remember what settings it was to fix it.. nobody wants to record then go back and move the clip till it lines up with the beat Everytime. There's a setting to change that will fix it in one shot
  11. I'm new to DreamPlan so please forgive me if this question is answered somewhere else. Let's say I want to build a simple rectangular building with one room that has interior dimensions of 20' X 40". What length do I make each of the four walls? For example, for the 40' interior length of one of the walls, do I create a wall that is 40' long; if so do I then draw a wall with interior length of 20' and the program will attach the two walls at the corner without disturbing the interior length of either wall? Or do I take into account the thickness of the walls so that if the walls are to be 1' thick I draw a wall that is 42' long, and at each end of the wall 1' of the 42' length a will be "overlapped" by 1' of the wall to which the first wall is being connected? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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  13. I have a Epson XP-7100 and the list does not include it, Is there an updated program that adds this printer, or do anyone know of a program that will work correctly with this printer
  14. Has this been fixed? THIS will be the deal breaker for me, whether I buy the software or not.
  15. Rechecked this, and it does not happen in this version here. After deleting the default folder on the C drive, assigning cache to D:\VP_cache restarting VP writes those files to that folder. The default folder is not recreated. When starting VP and immediately Clearing Unused Cache Files prior to loading any clips, the D:\ drive folder is emptied.
  16. ATM it is the value in the 3rd screenshot. But the cache still goes to the default location at C:\Users\(Myusername)\AppData\Local\Temp VideoPadSoundCache folder keeps reappearing at that location after every launch. Screenshot
  17. borate

    editing videos

    If this is a gap, enter Storyboard mode where it can be easily seen and deleted. If it's video, expand the timeline with the slider at the right-bottom of the window. That will allow for more precise splitting. To move the red-lined cursor frame by frame use the buttons under the preview window.
  18. joef

    editing videos

    Is there any easy way in videopad to remove/delete a small 10 or less number of frames? I find it very hard to select the exact frames I want in timeline mode.
  19. Mp4 and AVI are containers for various codecs, some of which may perform better with certain projects. As an example, using their respective H264 encoders, a project here would not export as Mp4, but succeeded as AVI. How you describe handling the clips doesn't seem to be an issue. The 4K reference was an observation that very large files can bog down any editor.
  20. if 4k was the issue then it should of done it with all the other similar activities as all i have been doing so far with the 11 hrs of footage is selecting short clips from 5min:26 sec folders that the DJi Osmo Pocket creates, and exporting the short video clips onto a working folder on my desktop yep, do that think the most i have ever used has been 7 tracks. and actually add footage right next to the previous clip on the track, to avoid all this tall list of tracks and scrolling up and down. only reason why i went as high as 7 was when i added water marks, titles, rotating "subscribe" symbols will post link to a video where that can be seen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcWLia13hKU&t=131s 16gig of memory, and SSD hard drive - bought a gaming laptop for the editing looking forward to VP changing to where the Graphics card will get more use then currently will have a look at the AVI format going forward am kind of dumb with sort of things, however what is the advantage of using either AVI or MP4 😀
  21. Hi That seems very odd. When you open VP and go to Options/Disk what is entered in the Cache Folder box? Nat
  22. Thanks for the reply, but I assume you did not check the screens that I have attached. That IS the problem. My cache location is specified (I pick the folder using "Browse..." button, drive D which has a lot of free space) but even after 100 restarts cache files still go to the default location (drive C which is short on diskspace).
  23. I'm using the free version as I am a one person company, should I do the upgrade and will it still be free?
  24. VP engineers are regularly apprised of issues, and quickly deal with those that are serious. Clearing Unused Cache Files prior to beginning a new production and perhaps prior to export isn't a bad idea. Performance deterioration over time hasn't been reported routinely, AFAIK. That said, there can be slowdowns when dealing with 4K material or very large files. In general, for best efficiency... Allow the sequence to fully cache (completed greens lines above thumbnails). If operation seems sluggish, consider employing PROXY editing. This approach is not exclusive to VP. There is no specified track number limitation. 50 have been seen in a project tested here. Yet, good practice and memory management suggests that they be kept to a reasonable level. At clean cut points where there is no content overlap, overlay new clips on lower tracks that already have content instead of adding a new track. Memory may be insufficient for some 4K projects, and export may fail or be partial. Output at 2K or HD resolution and the result should be good. Try the AVI container instead of the default Mp4.
  25. It is free for non-commercial use, but some features won't work. The scope of those limitations may vary from version to version. To avoid this, consider a purchase.
  26. Linn

    Transaction Type

    This is the same question that I have asked but the answer of about adding a transaction instead of a transaction TYPE.
  27. 2. and 3. didn't work. The uninstall offers a downgrade option. I chose it, and it indeed returned me to my previous version. But as I had done work in the new version and saved it, it wouldn't open my project file. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, and to my surprise, it worked. I was able to export my completed project to .mp4. Thank goodness. I guess somewhere, some executive changed the "it's free for home non-commercial use" to "F you, pay me."
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