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  2. Typing #s is good too. Many ways to accomplish the task. The HELP here reads "Scales (stretches or squashes) the video frame horizontally, vertically or both." In the effects preview window one of the square handle is for vertical scaling, another for horizontal, the third for both. Mouse-over to see which is which. As for the test file: clicking on the link above should bring up a page that says "Sorry, there was a problem loading this video." There's a download button at the top-left. Click it and SAVE should be one of the choices offered, in standard Windows fashion.
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  4. I don't use the mouse. Typing numbers into the Scale - popup window - small slider number windows - I find quick, precise, and repeatable. Am I just an awkward person .... ? Any idea why - when I clik 'Scale' on the 'Help' list, I get a blank page ? Keith
  5. There's no need for an 'apply' button. What you see, whether using the handles in the PV window or the sliders, is what you get. Expect some jerkiness either way, as VP recalculates. Move the mouse in small increments.
  6. Thanx Borate. Tried to download yr clip but it wouldn't. But anyway ... it seems everyone is saying I need to upgrade - so I've bought an HP Pavillion 590 - Intel i.7, AMD 550 Graffiks card, 256 GB SSHD w/ 2 TB storage. That don't mean much to me, but it seems to include all the things I've been told I shd hv. Second problem. When I re-scale (to get rid of black border intrusion after stabilizing) I find the little dotted box that appears on the video completely unmanageable - very jerky and clumsy and impossible to manipulate with the mouse.. Why oh why not have one simple resizing window that u get with windows 'Photos' and Word 'Crop' - just so simple. So, I use the 'Scale' pop-up window w/ the sliders. But ... I don't see any 'Apply' button, so have no choice but to abandon the scaling. How do I apply my chosen scale ? NOTE I did look in the V.P. Scale 'Help' secton, but when I clik 'Scale' on the list, I get a blank page ... no help at all So far, the 'intuitive and easy to use' VP is turning into a slo-mo nightmare. Do I need more alchohol ... Keith
  7. Why does the content of amended files go to NIL after uploading to remote site whereas the source files are 7 and 10 kb respectively. Is a setting wrong
  8. why is the aid paid when the program is already expensive to buy? I don't understand why burning takes so long for DVD music over an hour.
  9. Click on OPTIONS|EDITING tab and in the Video Transition field choose ASK ME. Also check the Apply Sound Crossfade with Video box. Then, when you choose a transition it will prompt to use either a freeze frame or to overlap, dependent upon the nature of the clips - whether they have excess head or tail video to cover the transition. Experiment with both settings. Overlap may cause the out-of-sync issue as video will be shortened. The audio track can also be locked via the 'lock' icon at the left of its track, so it won't be affected when UNlinked video is edited.
  10. So I have 15 video clips I merged together - had to cut out15 secs of the transition as I video with my camera running continuously. I also recorded the audio on iphone, then brought in audio & synced with video. Problem is, when I try to use 1 sec cross fade between the 15 video clips, the audio does NOT cross fade - so you guessed it, the audio becomes UNsynced. I have all the final video & audio clips all joined together but doesn't make a difference. I have used crossfade on video clips before & it's a nice smooth touch - but only when video was synced with its native original audio. How can I fix this? Or is there a fix? Always these hiccups in VideoPad - using vers 7.05 on Win10 PC Ideas ?????
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  12. ayyeeitstr3y

    4k Video

    HI I saved my video in 4k resolution but when i uploaded it on youtube, the resolution only goes upto 360. what do i do?
  13. Can't say, Keith, having little experience with multi-stabilized videos. Someone more knowledgeable may chip in here. Perhaps another query to NCH will lend perspective? A brief test on a single clip in another NLE didn't impress - time or quality wise. As for specs: faster is usually better as video editing is resource intensive. A gaming-type machine - I7 late gen, 16+gigs of ram and a mid-to-high end video card won't hurt (except your pocketbook).^_^ For comparison, stabilizing this clip in VP 7.22 with a PC that has the specs just mentioned took about 17' while a laptop using an I3 processor completed it in about 80' - nearly five times slower. Hardware does make a difference. Download the clip (for a limited time) and see how your PC handles it.
  14. Fred28


    Hello, Can you please provide more details about what you mean by ¨it will not let me save and then close out.¨ what are you doing to close the program? Do you get any error messages? Does the program freezes on you? What exactly happens? You can try reaching out to NCH Technical Support as well for help. You can create a ticket for them on the link below https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html 
  15. Switch is designed to be as simple to use as possible, but the manual is at http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/switch/win/help.pdf Make sure your Output Format is set to flac or mp3, depending on the format that you want to convert to. Click the Options button next to Output Format and you'll see the available settings for that format (Sample Rate, Bit Depth, etc)
  16. Borate, thanx. If u say my comp has adquate spes, are u saying it's normal for a 20 minute vid to take 50 mins to stabilize, then another hour to wait for the sound to be added ? Is that the sort of time it's going to take always, regardless of whether I buy a better spec comp, or a more expensive V.E. ? Am I getting angry about something that just can't be changed much ??? Regards Keith W
  17. Stabilized clips are automatically archived to a PC folder, perhaps for a future project. Your PC's specs are capable. It's wise to close other programs while editing. Once the clip has been split out and copied to a new track, export, then import. There's no need to close VP to access the archived clips and, because the clips are now but segments of the originals, they should take less time to stabilize. But it does takes time, and you may find this to be the case with other NLEs or utilities as well. https://vegasaur.com/Mercalli Sometimes, chopping up lengthy projects into parts speeds the process. You can also explore Proxy Editing, which temporarily substitutes small files for the originals - until export. That approach is not exclusive to VP; high-end productions sometimes employ it. http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/26563-proxy-editing/
  18. Borate, thank u for yr time & patience. My complaint is not against u - it's against VideoPad. As I said before, cutting out a bit of video to keep, and stabilizing it, seems to me to be one of the most basic requirements, and should be : 1.Cut. 2. Cut. 3. Delete unwanted bits 4. Stabilize the cut out bit. Done. Just can't see why any video editor maker wouldn't just make it so. It was the first thing that I as a customer wanted, and the first thing I didn't get. Surely that simple facility is worth more than all the fancy effect they provide ??? I can use your method, btw, but saving to desktop, closing Videoapd, & starting again with the new stabilized clip takes so long. My second problem is that it takes 50 mins to stabilize a ten min video, then another hour to wait for the sound to be added, as the clip is being 'processed' (whatever that means.?) NCH Support says my comp is adequate, but I'm getting the feeling something is wrong somewhere. Here are the specs. Should I get a new comp ??? Cheers - Keith W 10 yr old HP Desktop Processor - Intel (R) Core (TM) iS-6400 CPU @ 2.70 GHz 2.71 GHz Memory 8.00 GB (7.9 Useable) 64 Bit x 64-based processor Free Disc Space - 7.27 TB
  19. Adrian W


    how do i setup up to email invoices from within software, also on my invoices it shows total for example £30:00 then paid £30:00 below! how can i remove it before printing off or eventually emailing invoices! thanks Adrian
  20. I want to do exactly the same, I want to make a stinger for OBS transition, yet everytime the background of the video is black, which makes it impossible to use.
  21. Split out the segment. Copy it to a new track. Export. Import, stabilize and add to project. Not that complex. Review this thread: http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/27692-batch-mode-image-stabilization-with-videopad/ Sorry. That's about the best we can do for you. If you find an alternative that handles this better and provides more helpful forums then go for it!
  22. Thank you for your answer. I've removed it from my Mac and reinstalled via that link - but I still get the message "Waiting to automatic driver loading timed out!" - and when the program opens nothing works...
  23. Thanx Borate, But ... but ... but, what I can't get my head around is that I, a newcomer to V.E. and VidPad, should have had my very first attempt at editing so disastrously mangled. I just can't help thinking that taking a bit of video, clipping out a bit that you want, and stabilizing it ready to insert it into the final video, is one of the first, one of the most basic, one of the most obvious, things that every video editer would want to do. But with VidPad, this simple and obvious first task has landed me straight in the shit, cost me two days work, and so far has got me ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE. I have 100 videos to stabilize and edit. £70 and 2days work, and I haven't even got passed first post. This is insane ... What about all the promo liturature - intuitive, easy to use, fluid, etc, etc. Here's the deal. Do u know of a good V.E. - one that will allow me to actually get on with editing videos, instead of spending my time on forums discussing work-arounds. I don't want work-arounds - I want a V.E. that works. I'm ready to jump. Damn the cost. Life is too short.
  24. Yup, if time taken to stabilize is the prime concern, then the NCH approach is the way to go - though it, itself, is time consuming... 1. On the timeline, split out the segment to be stabilized and right-click COPY it 2. Click the + on the sequence 1 tab to create a new blank sequence and right-click PASTE (insert) 3. Export sequence 2 4;. Click the sequence 1 tab and use ||< to position the scrubber at the point where stabilization is to begin 5. Import the clip newly exported clip into the bin (If the clip is added to the end of the sequence as well, press <ctrl-Z> to delete it) 5. In the bin, right-click the new clip and STABILIZE VIDEO 5. Right-click on the stabilized clip and OVERLAY ON SEQUENCE AT CURSOR (or use the ADD button, as described earlier) 6. Mute audio on the track that contains the stabilized clip Of course, it the stabilized clip contains the entirety of the content needed it can be simply inserted into the project.
  25. Hi Borate The difficulty here is that whatever one does to in the way of slicing up the clip or creating copy bits, the software still stabilizes the whole clip which, from the Woodsy's point of view , is the thing that is taking up the time.So, apart from chopping-exporting-reloading I can't see a way of getting around this. With regards to my "Failed" message,; this is with 7.21 but I shall wipe it and reload 7.22 and see how that behaves. Nat
  26. Hello -- I already have switch -- where can I find instructions on how to do this?
  27. Yes, you can do both conversions with Switch. We offer a 14 day free trial if you'd like to download Switch from https://www.nch.com.au/components/switchsetup.exe
  28. Hello, how is this achieved today? The latest Express Invoice keeps defaulting to Record with Payment, rather than Record with Print. Is there a key combination? i.e. Shift and Click to set default?
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