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  3. Stop letterboxing

    I just copied them from the camera folder to the desktop computer folder using windows copy/paste. Maybe the camera app (nexus 6p stock android camera app) does it (pillarboxing), but I asked the tech support at google fi (where the phone & phone monthly service comes from) and they were enthusiastic but kind of clueless, which I pretty much expected from level 1 tech support. I am ready to assume now that it's the app on the phone does it. It's a bare bones camera/video android app. Maybe I can find a support group for it. There are other "better" camera apps also. Thanks so much. I will post back if I get anywhere. :)(
  4. Voxal does not change my ovice

    I'm experience the same thing. When I first set it up it varied my voice. Now it does not *AT ALL*. I would like this to change my voice as that's the whole point!
  5. Merge Inventoria with Copper

    Hi you need to get the ip address for inventoria open the required port on your router etc create a password for the server it can be done i have my linked together
  6. Copper and Inventoria Intergration

    Same here guys put the programs on new pc before was working fine could get everything sales report included but now on the new pc i cant even get a sales report and help would be great all 4 programs are linked together stock changes on inventoria when a sale is made but thats it
  7. web access

    hi all How I can use my domain name (or my domain ip) to access inventorai software ... to prevent ip changing ... thank you
  8. VideoPad Storage Folder

    Hi Well if the Mac version of VP is similar to the PC version you should be able to clear the cache..basically a list and copies of all the clips etc. you have used with VP since the last clearance..... using Tools/Options/Disk/ In the past when I have wanted to monitor the cache I have simply created a shortcut to the indicated folder on the desktop. Nat
  9. VideoPad Storage Folder

    Again guys: When I open the /Users/<username>/Library/Containers/com.nchsoftware.videopad/Data/Library/Caches folder (this is where eventually looks like they are stored in my Mac), you can "get info" of a large amount of GB (say this folder for me is 77GB), but when you open the folder an go to the files (stored as .vpj), they are just few kilobytes! So, it means the big files are there but...invisible? How can I remove them? Yesterday I had almost 80GB free and now I'm left with 17. It's kind of urgent! Sorry to bother you...Thanx again
  10. VideoPad Storage Folder

    Somehow, yes. Thanxxx
  11. VideoPad Storage Folder

    Hi Macfly, Great! It worked. Thanxxx a lot Something else: Does anybody know if the default storage folder destination (one mentioned right above) can be changed?? Thanx once more! Eltron
  12. VideoPad Storage Folder

    Hi Default cache folders are as follows: Website version: /Users/<username>/Library/Caches/com.nchsoftware.videopadpaid Mac App Store pro version: /Users/<username>/Library/Containers/com.nchsoftware.videopadpaid/Data/Library/Caches Mac App Store lite version: /Users/<username>/Library/Containers/com.nchsoftware.videopad/Data/Library/Caches Resource files are stored in the ~/Library/Application Support/VideoPad folders. Expand the "~/Library" folder using the paths above
  13. Walk Out Basement

    I just recently purchased this program, so I hope I have the most recent updates. Thank you for the support - I will contact NCH.
  14. VideoPad Storage Folder

    Hi You should be able to see the locations of your stored images sound files and clips as well as the cache in Tools/Options/Disk.... (Windows PC) Mac version is probably the same. Nat
  15. VideoPad Storage Folder

    Does this help?
  16. Stop letterboxing

    Looking at the clips you uploaded, one is already cropped, though the aspect ratio looks okay. So it appears that VP is just passing along what it sees. The other is full screen. Click your link, to verify. Perhaps these were not the unprocessed, direct-from-cam files??
  17. VideoPad Storage Folder

    Hi there! Can somebody please inform me about the location of storage of data of the VideoPad Editor on Mac? thanxxx, Eltron
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  19. Stop letterboxing

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gzZzaR7aAIRh3GWBvnNqweAAfKcv-GiG This is a link to drive.google.com, a folder with 2 short video clips (raw mp4) direct off camera. When I process using VideoPad one gets pillarboxed and one not. Thanks if you can help me figure out how to prevent this. One guess is that the INITIAL orientation/angle/tilt of the camera establishes some parameter that gets embedded in the properties of the mp4 clip. That gets "picked up" by VP and results in the pillarbox. Of course with these type videos I need to move the camera around as the clip runs. Maybe I need to hold the camera to start the clip like I was taking a shot off in the "distance" then move in and point it down? I may have slightly done that in one clip vs. the other. Thanks so much. Bob
  20. Hi There, I have been learning music for two years now so please excuse me if I don't use the correct terminolgy. I am trying to create a score but am having trouble joining the left and right clefs with a brace. Can anyone explain how to do this please? Thanks in advance baleinenoire
  21. Walk Out Basement

    Hello TJ69, I have tested DreamPlan latest version and after leveling the ground to the same depth as the basement I was able to use any of the exterior items in either street level or basement level. If you are not using the latest version you may want to contact NCH Software support team for further assistance.
  22. audio records at different speed than video

    In this case please reinstall the Debut from this link and try again: https://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/debutpsetup.exe
  23. Hi, In reference to "all those files that once contained my data, when openened now, has only one folder called Web. When I open Web it has the following JS Script ...", What you should have is a list of backups, with their own date, please confirm(once again) the destination folder of these back ups, try to do a file or folder search using "Express Invoice Back-Up" and check the folder current location. Regards,
  24. MP3 Gives "Chipmunk" Pitch-Change in Output Files

    Hello, Try uninstalling RecordPad, restart the PC and reinstall RecordPad from https://www.nch.com.au/recordpad/rpsetup.exe If you keep having issues, enter a support ticket at http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html
  25. Hi there! Hope someone can help me. I have a folder where Express Invoice makes monthly backups, and where I have made numerous manual backups via Tools, as well. It's under Users\mycomputername\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software. My backups with their folders and .dat files were all there. Recently I had to go back a few years to check up on old invoices, and realised that all those files that once contained my data, when openened now, has only one folder called Web. When I open Web it has the following JS Script Script files: ajax, combobox, datepicker, datetime, popup, postfile, table. Please help!!
  26. The recording stops

    Thanks for the support suggestion, Gekker, I have Windows Vista. I will have to try that, first to look for my registration purchase code to do a re install Appreciate it much, I hope that will work. audioenhancer
  27. On Windows Vista SP2 MP3 Gives "Chipmunk" Pitch-Change in Output Files Wav format does not have this problem. Any fix?
  28. Walk Out Basement

    I created my basement below ground level... simple enough. Then I had to remove all the dirt at the back of the house to have the basement visible. Again, simple enough, although leveling is not easy...But I made it work. Now the problem is when I try to add items, ie... landscape items, decks, pool, etc.. I cannot get the items below ground level. Everything sits at the street level, in mid air(but remember this is at the back of the house and all these items need to be "below" street level (-9'). I don't know how to correct this. thank you for any help.
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